As a radio station manager you’re always looking for a way to –

 Stop attrition

 Get new names

 Strengthen your relationship with your listeners

We’ve found the way! A growing number of radio stations are taking advantage of a unique opportunity to stay in front of…every listener…every day.

Did you know 88% of Christians read the Bible on a regular basis? Did you also know most use a daily devotional to help them apply what they read to their daily life?

Now you can personalize your own daily devotional and be a part of your listeners daily routine! Every time they pick up your devotional, they are reminded of you!

The center envelope is out there working for you too. It’s like a "combine harvester" getting new names for your support base.

And you won’t believe how easy it is!

Click here to find out how to get started – and find out about our Free introductory offer!



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